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COMBI thread/depth Gage

COMBI Calibration Master and Depth Calibration Procedure



STOP counting turns
STOP buying expensive thread plugs with depth stops
These methods cannot compare with the accuracy and speed of the Leitech COMBI gage

Leitech COMBI gages consist of an anodized aluminum housing containing a telescoping measuring sleeve graduated in increments of either ;
INCH - .025" (standard), or .005" (HI-RESOLUTION)
METRIC - .5mm (standard), or 0.1mm (HI-RESOLUTION)

Qualify your functional "GO" size and check depth - all with one simple, quick, and truly cost effective gage. By using the Leitech COMBI thread depth gage, you eliminate the errors from depth steps and counting turns.

Only the Leitech COMBI thread depth gage can provide you with variable data on the depth of your tapped holes. SUBSTANTIAL savings in machine time can be realized by maintaining functional depth requirements this closely.

Companies who drill and tap large quantities of threaded holes daily which are 15% to 40% deeper than necessary to meet depth requirements are creating additional expense! Tool wear and breakage plus machine time increase dramatically.

When setting up a machine to cut threads, it is common practice to provide additional turns to allow for the drill point and the top crest, and to meet minimum thread length specifications. This is often checked by counting turns on a thread plus gage, or by using a bolt with a filed notch to act as a thread length guide.

This practice is costly and unnecessary, since a machining center is highly repeatitive - even to the point of drilling and tapping the extra thread length. This can be eliminated, or at least greatly reduced, with the right tools.

If your company produces 1000 tapped holes per day with a .070" depth allowance over minimum specifications - you can generate in one (1) year over 1400 feet of unnecessary and costly threads.

How many threads do you cut in a year?

By using the Leitech Combi Gage, companies reduce or eliminate this problem. The Leitech Combi Gage allows your machinist to adjust drilling and tapping depths precisely at set-up time. In addition, this depth can be monitored by the operator as the parts are produced. The Leitech Gage provides variable data. This reduces costs and allows you to be more competitive.

Cut your Inspection Time by One Half!

The Leitech Combi Gage allows you to qualify your minimum GO thread size and check length - all in one operation! Fast, and very cost effective. The measuring sleeve is graduated in .025 ins or 0.5 mm increments, and allows the direct reading of the length. It has been common practice to check thread hole depth by: 1) Counting turns, 2) using thread gages with depth steps or notches, and/or 3) using a bolt with a nut as a minimum depth check or a filed notch. None of these methods can compare with the accuracy and speed provided by the Leitech Combi Gage.

Leitech saves time. One of Europe's leading car manufacturers is checking a total of 99 blind threaded holes of 4 different thread sizes for depth and size. Using conventional thread gages, the inspection required 71 minutes. Leitech was able to reduce the time to 39 minutes, and also eliminated unnecessary gages.

One COMBI gage replaces 33 Gages with Depth Steps

Using conventional gages for blind holes, you need individual gages for each thread hole depth. This means a large inventory of different gages.The Leitech System provides the user with reduced inventory which saves time and money. Errors are reduced or eliminated. Often, a single Leitech Combi Gage can replace several different conventional gages with filed notches indicating minimum thread length .The result is less money tied up in gages and fewer errors.

Product Reliability cannot be compromised

In the automotive, aerospace and medical industries, the structural integrity of thread form and length of engagement are of paramount importance. Only Leitech with the direct reading length scale can provide the level of confidence necessary to satisfy the demanding requirements of these industries. Major aircraft and automotive companies ithroughout the globe use Leitech to insure the quality of their products.

Stocked in common inch and metric sizes. Capable of measuring depths at least 3 times the major diameter of the thread . Leitech Gages are manufactured to the high side of the tolerance to provide maximum wear. Replaceable gaging members made from the highest quality tool steel, hardened and stabilized to RC 60-62. Gaging members are manufactured on the latest Reishauer thread grinders, and calibrated on Zeiss optical and mechanical comparators. Certification of calibration is available at extra cost. Special sizes and pitch diameters can be manufactured to your specifications. Chrome and TiN coated members are available. The crest of the first full thread is held 1/2 pitch from the front face of the GO members (per H28 part 6). All gage handles are black anodized aluminum. Stainless steel bushing on the front of the measuring sleeve for longer wear.

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